Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 39th Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition
Posted: 11/Nov/2014

NAICE  is the West African region foremost technology conference. It focuses on the innovative opportunities currently applied in the industry to maximize value from oil and gas exploration and  production.  NAICE 2015 aims at providing a forum for companies and individuals to leverage the technical sessions, discussion topics and networking opportunities towards advancing the industry. 

The theme for NAICE 2015 is "Natural Gas Development and Exploitation in an Emerging Economy – Strategies, Infrastructure and Policy Framework". Pre-Conference Short Courses will hold on 1st and 2nd August 2015.
​Abstract Submission Guideline

The SPE Nigeria Council calls for submission of abstracts in the following categories:


1. Deep Water Development & Operations

2. Marginal Fields Development & Operations 

3. Well Design, Completion and Operations           

4. Business Management & Entrepreneurship

5. Asset Management and Information

6. Hydrocarbon Production & Operations

7. Facilities Design, Construction and Project Delivery

8. Formation Evaluation

9. Reservoir Engineering & Surveillance   

10. Reservoir Geology and Geophysics        

11. Recovery Mechanisms & Processes

12. Gas Utilization and Commercialisation

13. Educational Training and Professionalism

14. Renewable & Unconventional Energies

15. Health, Safety and Environment

16. Project Financing

17. Host Country Content in Africa

18. Community Development /Corporate Social Responsibility


Deadline for the Submission of Abstracts: Sunday 15th December 2014




1. Please review the information in the author kit here   to see acceptable templates for submission.

2. Abstract must be relevant to the theme of conference and must not be more than 300 words in length. It should have a title, list of authors, a description of the proposed paper and results/conclusions, as well as the most applicable technical category. If there is more than one author, the presenter/corresponding author should be indicated.

3. Necessary management clearance should be obtained for the abstract. 

4. Abstracts must be received by  15th December  2014.

5. Abstracts must be submitted through the online Portal . ABSTRACTS NOT SUBMITTED THROUGH THE ONLINE PORTAL WILL BE REJECTED.

6. The Technical Programme Committee will notify authors whose abstracts are accepted and will also provide guidelines for the preparation of the full papers.

7. Please note that, if accepted, your abstracts may be published, as submitted, in conference information media, including on the SPE Web site.

8. Final paper acceptance is a 2-stage process.

       a. Abstract acceptance

       b. Full paper acceptance

Authors whose abstracts are accepted will be  asked to submit full manuscripts. The manuscripts are then reviewed before final acceptance is made.
​9. Authors who do not submit their full manuscripts in the format prescribed in the author kit along with required documents by the due date will be removed from the program and will not be allowed to present.

10. Authors should note that an agreement to present a paper at this SPE conference carries an obligation to participate in the event, register through the prescribed channels as an attendee and to pay applicable conference registration fees.

11. Complete guide on preparing abstracts and full papers and other author resources can be downloaded at  HERE



There are policies guiding papers submission at SPE Conferences. See a complete list of the policies at the link

No Presentation Policy: The failure of SPE conference authors to have at least one designated individual present the paper at the conference will result in the conference paper being permanently withdrawn from the SPE technical paper archive in OnePetro.

Commercialism: SPE has a stated policy against the use of commercial trade names, company logos, or text that is commercial in tone in the paper title, text or slides. In evaluating abstracts the Technical Programme Committee will carry out careful scrutiny for such terms and the presence of commercialism in a paper may result in it being withdrawn from the programme. 

Copyright: All authors of papers to be presented at the conference will be required to complete and submit a copyright release form to the Society of Petroleum Engineers, or submit the copyright exemption form where applicable. Papers that are not accompanied by appropriate copyright form will not be included in the conference programme.


Submission: SUBMIT ONLINE (no emails). Abstracts, full manuscripts and presentation slides should be submitted electronically via the papers submission link above

For enquiries, email the Chairman, Technical Programme Committee, SPE NAICE 2015 at and/or The SPE Nigeria Council Secretariat at

Emeka Ene, Chairman, SPE Nigeria Council, 2014-2015                                               

Erasmus Nnanna , NAICE 2015 TPC Chairman