60th Anniversary Of The Nigerian Society Of Engineers
Posted: 19/Feb/2018

I heartily congratulate Members of the Executive Committee, highly revered Past Presidents, Chairmen of Branches and Divisions of NSe, Fellows and the entire Membership of our great and honourable the Nigerian Society of Engineers(NSE), on this special occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Society.
 This day, no doubt, resonates thr resilience of our Tourchbearers who worked hard to build a National umbrellla organization for Nigerian Engineers. It is also gladdening that we have commendably preserved the objectives of thr Society which from the onset, have focused on the promotion of Engineering Education, Research and Practice in all ramification.
This occasion is also suiting applaud of our colleagues for the dint of hard work which is manifested in our Naton's Infrastructure Development and the Maintenance of same. Similarly, I am pleased with the high points made by many of our Members, thereby contributing to building our Nation.
While widhing you all abundant good health and prosperity to continue proving your mettle in your respective practices, I Charge you all to continue as goo Ambassadors of ou Society.

                                                                           Again, Congratulations!
                                                         Long Live the Nigeria Society Of Engineers

                                                                   Engr. Adekunle Mokuolu, FNSE