iBRACE Summit for emerging civil engineers: Producing Structural Drawings The Quick & Efficient Way (Panel Discussion)
Posted: 09/Feb/2018

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Civil Engineers communicate their intentions via structural drawings. The demand to produce more for less, and significantly in a short time, is sweeping every aspect of the human life. Arguing that “quality drawings take time” no longer wins. With the incorporation of BIM, simple tricks and hacks, many engineers are finding new ways to significantly reduce design time. This edition, “Producing Structural Drawings the quick & efficient way” intends to address the growing need for emerging civil engineers to find smart ways to generate error free drawings.



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Sat, February 24, 2018

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM WAT


Organizer: The Brace
Organizer of Producing Structural Drawings The Quick & Efficient Way (Panel Discussion)
The Brace is a quarterly summit for emerging civil engineers in Nigeria. Fashioned in the light of an interactive panel session, the brace offers the audience a thought provoking discussion. The Brace seeks to analyses several topics confronting the young civil engineer from different angles.