NIMechE Research and Innovation Policy Drafting Committee Constituted.
Posted: 02/Jul/2018


NIMechE in its mission to find solutions to societal challenges through mechanical engineering practice and research, has identified some critical areas in need of urgent attention.

These areas include; the need for advancing the nations technology, requirement for a robust professional development plan, and also the need for promoting the culture of research and innovation to explore new frontiers of usable technology.

All these critical needs in accordance with the NIMechE development masterplan are aimed at; raising local content technology by 50% by the end of 2021, developing training curriculum, and professional codes and standards for members by 2018, improving local content technology, and promoting new trends in research and innovation activities through collaboration with relevant Institutions and agencies.

However, it is unarguable that these laudable objectives would not be achievable in the absence of a comprehensive research policy framework for the Institution.

The research policy framework is intended to create the ambience that facilitates engineering research and innovation, through the provision of enabling freedoms and privileges required to promote research activities, and of necessity should include; the freedom of inquiry and the right to disseminate the results thereof, freedom to challenge conventional thought, freedom from institutional censorship, and the privilege of conducting research with human participants, with public monies, trust, and support. It must also be mentioned that along these freedoms, there are also responsibilities to ensure that our research activities meets high scientific and ethical standards.

While, it is also pertinent to state that compliance with these standards and responsibilities throughout the Nigerian engineering community are essential to stress the importance of; upholding research integrity, educating members on the policies and requirements of major funding agencies , it is also important to adopt appropriate policies within which engineering research and scholarship should be conducted.

NIMechE in its desire to encourage engineering research and innovation activities, as part of it professional commitment has redoubled its efforts to capture the core essence of a transparent and ethical research and innovation programme in a policy document. These papers shall form an abridged document of the fundamental principle and guidelines from which all further policies regarding the development, promotion and conduct of research shall be derived. While, it should also be put in its proper perspective, that research and innovation policy document does not in any way replace the policies and guidelines of (grant making) agencies sponsoring/supervising research activities.

In the light of the foregoing, NIMechE has constituted a seven-man committee under the leadership of Engr. Dr. Shogunle Akinpelu Cornelius, FNIMechE, to; draw up a research policy document, develop an operational guideline for setting up the NIMechE Research Trust Fund for the purpose of promoting and encouraging a sound culture of engineering researching, and lastly, articulate the modalities for setting up a Research Advisory Board/Committee to enhance the entrenchment and sustainability of research programmes for the Institution.

To enable the Research Policy Drafting Committee discharge its adhoc responsibilities within the stipulated time frame, NIMechE members are hereby urged to kindly forward their memorandum to the following email contacts on/or before 15th July, 2018 for onward transmission to the Committee. or

Thank you.

NIMechE National Chairman

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