Diversifying Energy Sources
Posted: 08/Feb/2019

Abiodun Abraham Adebanjo, 2/3 Police Post besides St Annes, Challenge Ibadan, Oyo State: A feasibility study I carried out on all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria ( except the North-East due to the Boko Haram attacks) indicated how Nigeria is blessed with the gifts of nature for clean power generation for Nigerians. Nigeria is blessed with Liquefied Natural Gas, sulphur-free petroleum and coal including the untapped free gift of nature like wind, sunlight, tide, wave (river) and thermal heat from the ground.

In the study, I compared means of generating 24/7 electricity in Fairbanks Alaska in the United States; how they tapped all the gifts of nature in that Artic region including all the segmental structural patterns of their power generation designed. I am knowledgeable to all these innovations due to the Rural Energy I attended in 2016 during my Proof of Concept presentation. They are using coal by converting it to steam to generate clean power generation at Fairbanks Alaska where I was then. Local governments or zones have their own power generation stations separately (coal converting to steam). I discovered that other parts of Alaska are using wave, tide, solar, wind, diesel and natural gas to generate clean power by using microgrid to interconnect them together. We have the potential and great minds to set up these technological structures in Nigeria if given the opportunity. Solar panels and wind farms will be set up in some major northern part of Nigeria with underground power bank battery backup.

The North-Central of Nigeria will be using tide, wave and solar farms to power the region, the southern parts could depend on coal (steam), wave, tide, wind and natural gas to generate clean power while the western parts can depend on tide,wave, solar, wind farms and natural gas for this region.