Nigerian Collage Of Aviation Technology Notification To Shortlisted Firms For Issuance Of Request For Proposal (RFP)
Posted: 12/Feb/2019

Further to the invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) for consultancy services earlier Publication, College Website, Daily Trust and Federal Tenders Journal of Monday 29th October, 2018, the College wishes to invite the following shortlisted consultancy firms to Collect Request  for Proposal (RFP) at the College.

 Lot NCAT1: Consultancy Services for Development of NCAT  Zaria infrastructure Master Plan.

  • Geo-Kooy Environmental Services Limited


Lot NCAT 2: Consultancy Services for Renovation of Students' Hostels in NCAT Zaria.

  • Alirn Associates Limited.
  • Hi-Speed Consult Limited.
  • Osez Designs &Associates.
  • Q Associates Limited. Aecren Limited.
  • CDP Partnership Limited.
  • Shams Consultants Limited.


Lot NCAT 3: Consultancy Services for Design and Supervision of Construction of i 00 Single Rooms (Male) and 150 Single Rooms (Female) Capacity Students Hostel.

  • CDP Partnership.
  • Multi Systems Consultants.
  • Aecren Limited.
  • Geo-Kooy Environmental Services Limited
  • Osez Designs &Associates.
  • ECMC Engineering Limited.


Lot NCAT4: Consultancy Services for the Engagement of an External Auditor.

  • Taiu Audu & Co.
  • Sada Idris & Co.
  • MA. Bello & Co.
  • Olumuyiwa Basiru & Co.
  • Omokhode Sam Jegede & Co
  • Nexia Agbo & Co  
  • Adigun Idris Baia & Co.
  • Oiayiwola Adeshins & Co.
  • Abubakar Abdulsalam & Co.
  • Muhammad Gabi & Co.



The Request for Proposal (RFP) document is obtainable at the procurement office of the College from Monday 11th February, 2019 to Wednesday 13th March, 2019 between the hours of 9.00am to 4pm daily.


The Proposal documents must be separated by dividers and submitted in two (2) hard Copies (one original and one copy) each of the technical and financial proposals with soft copy and packaged separately in soft copy and packaged separately in sealed envelopes and clearly Marked "TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FOR LOT…” or `FINANCIAL PROPOSAL FOR LOT.. ...”with the name of the bidder on each envelope. Thereafter,  put the two sealed  envelopes together in a bigger sealed envelope clearly  marked with the tittle  of the consultancy service to reach the undersigned on or before 12:00 noon on Wednesday 13" March, 2019 at the address shown below;


The Secretary,

Parastatal Tenders Board,

 Nigerian College of Aviation Technology,

 Zaria Aerodrome

 PM.B 1031, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Email: procurement@ncat


Please, ensure that you sign the Proposal Submission Register et the Procurement Unit.


The Proposals shall be open. Immediately after the deadline for submission at 12:00 noon on Wednesday, 13.March, 2019 in the ATS/COM School lecture theater in the presence of firms or their representatives who choose to attend.


  1. Proposals (Technical & Financial) must be in English Language and signed by a duly authorized official of the consulting firm .
  2.  Proposals submitted after the deadline for submission would be returned un-opened;
  3. All documents submitted will be subjected to venfi.tion from the relevant agencies.
  4. All documents must be submitted in one (1) soft and two (2) hard copies as failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
  5.  All submissions must be properly addressed and labeled as indicated in item 1, "TECHNICAL PROPOSAL FOR LOT.....' AND 'FINANCIAL PROPOSAL FO LOT "as failure to do so will lead to disqualification.
  6. Proposals can only be submitted within working days (Mon-Fri) working hou (8.00am - 4.00pm)

For further information or enquiries, please contact the procurement unit through

Tel: 11091863425






Nigerian Collage of Aviation Technology, Zaria