Fuel Pump Price: We’re Satisfied With Compliance – DPR
Posted: 25/Mar/2020

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has expressed satisfaction with the compliance rate by petrol stations in Kaduna State with the new fuel pump price of N125 per litre. 

The Department’s Head of Public Affairs, Alhaji Adamu Garba, who led other top management staff on compliant monitoring visits to some select petrol stations yesterday, said all the stations visited were complying with the new fuel pump price. 

Garba said, “The market forces will make petrol stations comply because if station A is selling at N145 per litre and station B is selling at N125 per litre, we know everyone will patronise station B because of the reduction in price.” 

He assured the public that DPR would ensure they got their money’s worth when buying fuel, and that one of the department’s daily operations was to ascertain the accuracy of dispensing pumps. 

He, therefore, urged buyers to report to the department if they suspected the pump of a filling station was not dispensing accurately. 

He noted that the department had penalties, warning that “any operator found wanting or their pumps not delivering accurately will be given a punitive sanction of monetary value, have their license suspended for some months, and if there are a repeat of same offence, we might withdraw your license.”