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  • The first female engineer in AshakaCem - Deborah Danladi
  •   Deborah Danladi is the first and the only female engineer in the employment of AshakaCem. The company, a subsidiary of Lafarge Africa, is more than 40 years old. AshakaCem sits on a large expanse of land in Funa[...]
  • Date Posted:: 08/Mar/2018
  • Nigerian Engineers in Hijabs
  •   How these career women defy the odds of religion and gender and are making names for themselves in a predominantly male dominated industry. In the sweltering heat of noon, while the streets are abuzz with the so[...]
  • Date Posted:: 08/Mar/2018
  • Engineers develop smart material that changes stiffness when...
  • A new smart and responsive material can stiffen up like a worked-out muscle, say the Iowa State University engineers who developed it. Stress a muscle and it gets stronger. Mechanically stress the rubbery material -- s[...]
  • Date Posted:: 27/Feb/2018
  • Sixty hearty cheers to Nigerian engineers
  •   Let’s start this piece by congratulating most respectfully, all engineers as we celebrate sixty years of the existence of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Sixty hearty cheers to Nigerian engineers[...]
  • Date Posted:: 27/Feb/2018
  • Technology Incubation Centre And Youth Engagement
  • Research has shown that a nation cannot develop without innovation and when innovation is technology driven, that nation will most likely achieves its short and long time goals. This shows that technology and innovation[...]
  • Date Posted:: 26/Feb/2018
  • Nigeria: Innovation Driven Startups
  • In order to meet the demand for competent and professional software engineers, Aboluwarin David and Mofesola Banjo co-founded DevCrib. In this report, Ugo Aliogo, examines the technology startups "We have great tal[...]
  • Date Posted:: 23/Feb/2018
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