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  • Students learn engineering, teamwork and innovation at The T...
  • Thousands of students from across Northern California and beyond participated in the 31st annual Tech Challenge, presented by Dell this weekend. Some 2,000 students worked in teams for months designing and building a d[...]
  • Date Posted:: 30/Apr/2018
  • Discovering Engineering Saved My Live
  •   For many, high school is a pressure cooker, but things got especially heated for me during my junior year. As the child of Mexican immigrants, I felt I owed it to my parents to make a great life for myself. As i[...]
  • Date Posted:: 27/Apr/2018
  • Life as an Engineering Student
  •   Are you looking for information about the life a Engineering student in India? Then this article describes it in my own experience about life of a Engineering student and Graduate in India. “Engineering&rd[...]
  • Date Posted:: 26/Apr/2018
  • Cybersecurity engineering: A new academic discipline
  •   Cyber startups and legacy technology companies know exactly how to attract top undergraduates: a six-figure salary, a signing bonus, even a new car. With these luxuries in reach, choosing to forgo the job offer i[...]
  • Date Posted:: 16/Apr/2018
  • These factors drive black men out of engineering school
  •   For black men, pursuing a graduate degree in engineering is like riding out a storm, according to new research. They enroll knowing they will face challenges, but the barriers that black men described as part of[...]
  • Date Posted:: 14/Apr/2018
  • Engineering not just boys club.
  •  Sarah Hayes  Of Australia’s working engineers, around just 13 per cent are female. It’s a fact Sarah Hayes knows all too well. She is one of them, and nearly didn’t enter the field herself.[...]
  • Date Posted:: 04/Apr/2018
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