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  • Nigeria’s engineering sector in a state of emergency
  • Engineer Adedamola Falade-Fatila recently took over as the 25th chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Ibadan branch. In this interview with TUNDE OGUNESAN, he shares his vision for the association and eng[...]
  • Date Posted:: 12/Mar/2018
  • 60th Anniversary Of The Nigerian Society Of Engineers
  • I heartily congratulate Members of the Executive Committee, highly revered Past Presidents, Chairmen of Branches and Divisions of NSe, Fellows and the entire Membership of our great and honourable the Nigerian Society of[...]
  • Date Posted:: 19/Feb/2018
  • A Passion for Science and Technology
  • With a Fellowship of the Nigerian Society of Engineers in 2017, one of Alfred Okoigun’s focus in 2018 is the resuscitation of the Arco Nigerian Excellence in Science and Technology Award (NEST), which took place in[...]
  • Date Posted:: 15/Feb/2018
  • DC Power Engineer at Aldelia Limited
  •   Aldelia’s global management strategy delivers specialised services to the Oil & Gas sector from dedicated teams in each key strategic region. From these centres we can support our clients locally by bei[...]
  • Date Posted:: 08/Feb/2018
  • 2018 - Our Oil and Gas Predictions
  • Ashurst:We set out below our top predictions for the global oil and gas industry 2018. 1. Oil price stability With the oil price pushing through to the US$70 mark, and further confidence that the price will remain more[...]
  • Date Posted:: 22/Jan/2018
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