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  • Complex Steel and Cofferdam Repairs Carried Out Afloat
  • Hydrex has an in-house Research & Development department that can take care of the engineering aspects of an operation. In this way turnkey solutions can be offered for complex hull and other repairs that require the[...]
  • Date Posted:: 12/Aug/2015
  • Nigeria: Coren Accredits Uniabuja Engineering Programme
  • Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) has accredited undergraduate engineering programme of the University of Abuja. Registrar of the council, Engr. W. Kamila Maliki, in a statement said that[...]
  • Date Posted:: 12/Aug/2015
  • Strange Pillar, 10,000 Years Old Found Under Sea
  • A mysterious pillar which has been found off the coast of Sicily, in Italy, and which dates from 10,000 years ago has stirred a debate as to whether it was made by extra terrestrial aliens, who were believed to have live[...]
  • Date Posted:: 12/Aug/2015